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Name:Colleen Murphy
Birthdate:May 18, 1985
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Website:Livejournal Profile
Born to working class parents (second generation Irish immigrants themselves) and raised in South Boston, Colleen comes from a big extended family, although her only sibling is her fraternal twin brother, Desmond. They were raised Catholic, although they were never very observant. Growing up, the two could not of been closer, at least until the time when she started noticing boys and he was still under the impression that all girls are icky. This apartness lasted until the first time she got her heart broken by a guy, and he was there to make her feel better with a shoulder to cry on and a movie to watch, something that became a tradition to them.

She went through many phases growing up, from a horse loving phase when she was younger to a vegetarian phase in high school, the only thing remaining constant her desire to become a doctor. In school she did quite well, from her advanced science classes to her decent grades in history, English, and her elective language (French, taken at the urging of a friend, although she'd wanted to take Latin). The only class she struggled with being Math. Still, she did well enough to earn a few scholarships, which she used to go to med school to become a surgeon.

Desmond (brother): [personal profile] nomadic_state

This is a roleplay journal for an original character from an offsite TWD-esque zombie survival roleplay.

Colleen is played by Maggie Grace.

Mun (and character) are over 18 and able to roleplay adult situations.

Interests (12):

dashboard confessional, davd bowie, desmond, drinking, family, having a good time, labyrinth, medicine, not getting killed by dead people, not smelling like dead people, roleplaying, wine
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